|>| Rekhmira

The visor Rekhmira

The Vizier
Rekhmire was Governor of the Town of Thebes and Vizier who served two XVIII (18th) dynasty pharaohs, Tuthmose III (Thutmes III) and Amenhotep II (Amenhetep II.)

The Tomb
His tomb is located in Upper Egypt at Luxor among the West Bank Tombs. It was common that individuals of stature in the royal service (nobles) were entombed near the pharaohs they served.

The plan of the tomb, illustrated below, is typical of the tombs of nobles. It consists of an entrance, traversed by a hall-like chamber, that continues into a long passageway which ends in an alter and burial. The plan is simple as compared to the tombs of the pharaohs which had many more chambers and whose walls were carved as well as painted.

The passage is 24m (78.7ft) long, 1.8m (5.9ft) wide, and reaches a maximum height of 7.3m (23.9ft). Norman de Garis Davies, The tomb of Rekh-mi-Re at Thebes

To visit this tomb is to walk down a six foot wide passage with the paintings spread out on the adjacent walls, sometimes ten feet over your head. I’ve tried to imagine this, below,  by sketching it and from the impression given by an anonymous tourist photo I found on the web.