At the beginning of my fourth week of retirement, I have not yet felt the urge to return to regular employment. So far I have had the opportunity to refuse two offers.  After many years of feeling it was imperative to remain gainfully employed, refusing work seems a bit cavalier if not anti-protestant. But I have firmly decided to wait for at least a few months before choosing to re-insert myself in the workplace – or not.

I have noticed that since my activities are no longer dictated by a nine to five, thank God it’s Friday schedule, I’m often awake and active at any given hour on any day of the week. For example, it is presently 6AM on Saturday.

I haven’t missed the society of my colleagues, yet, but I’m sure this is only because I have always taken a few weeks off during this part of the summer and not seeing them at this time of the year is normal.

I’m very glad to say I still have no plans to travel or to begin the great American novel. Presently, my plan is to do “this and that” and see what emerges. Since I thrive on task completion, I’m not overly comfortable in this waiting state.  But I’m determined to simply soldier on until I can separate what are left-over job habits or reaction to these habits from my real interests.

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