Local Greens

Sitting out in the yard on a beautiful breezy warm day listening to the wind chimes, I started thinking about how many variations of green I was seeing. It occurred to me that the different greens might be a good way to define what I mean when I use the term local color. I got out my camera and took pictures of several plants and trees. I downloaded the images into PhotoShop® and cropped out areas that were fairly uniformly green. I then found the extreme values within the cropped images and created a gradation. Finally, I found the approximate middle point of the gradation and created a square of average color. The result is below.

Since I was pretty close to the trees and shrubs when I took the pictures, there is no smoke or fog or water vapor in the air to diminish the color’s brightness. Also by averaging out the light and dark in the bottom squares, I removed the variation in color that is the result of part of an object being in the sun and the rest being in shadow.  The color that is left is pretty much the color of the plant – its local color.

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